Tilde API (Beta)

Welcome to the Tilde API.

The GeoNet project makes all its data and images freely available. Please ensure you have read and understood our Data Policy and Disclaimer before using any of these services.

The Tilde API provides access to GeoNet timeseries data.

For Version 2 API documents, please refer to Tilde Version 2.

The following endpoints are available:

We use the jq command for JSON pretty printing etc. A curl command might look like:

curl "http://...API-QUERY..." | jq .

The response for a query can be compressed. If your client can handle a compressed response then the reduced download size is a great benefit. Gzip compression is supported. You can request a compressed response by including gzip in your Accept-Encoding header. For example:

curl -H "Accept-encoding: gzip" "http://...API-QUERY..." | jq .

or simply a parameter for `curl`:

curl --compressed "http://...API-QUERY..." | jq .

If you believe you have found a bug please raise an issue on our Help repository.